About Us

Austin Consulting is a division of The Austin Company, a premier design-build firm. Housed in the same office, our consultants have immediate access to engineers in all technical disciplines for every aspect of site and building assessment, site plan development, facility design and construction. We are an industry leader, assisting corporate clients in developing national and global location strategy related to community and site selection, incentive negotiation, and property due diligence.

Austin Consulting prides itself in providing services that are experienced, unbiased, cost-effective, operationally-focused and confidential. Location study criteria are suitably weighted according to their relative importance, with specific recommendations and supporting data presented in each final report.

The Austin Company became a member of the Kajima USA Group family of companies in 2005. This relationship brings you and your projects a wealth of knowledge and resources throughout the world. Learn more about Austin Consulting by following the links below.