Corporate Shared Services

Austin Consulting location professionals are experienced and independent consultants who assist with facility site selection, global analysis, due diligence and incentive negotiation. Identifying the appropriate site for your corporate shared service facility helps mitigate any risk factors that may affect your facility. Austin’s experience includes corporate headquarters, operations centers and data centers, in addition to critical facilities and emergency management facilities.

Austin’s unique ability to handle the often complex, highly-detailed and secure needs of Corporate Shared Service facilities enables us to successfully implement these projects across a wide range of facility types. Austin’s team considers the aesthetics and purpose of each office and commercial facility to identify the most efficient and functional locations for that project. For all facilities, our portfolio reflects the value we place on identifying sites that foster rich working environments.

Corporate Shared Service location identification requires close coordination and integration of various factors, such as workforce availability, highway and airport access, heavy power and utilities. Some facilities may even have requirements based on temperature and humidity controls. Austin understands and coordinates all location requirements, knowing that decisions made early in the planning phases will have far-reaching impacts on the facility, employees and surrounding community.

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