Logistics & Transportation

With our depth of knowledge and experience in location strategy development and analysis, network logistics, mapping and favorable area analysis, it is a natural fit for Austin Consulting to provide site selection services for logistics and transportation companies, including distribution centers.

Austin has in-house, full-service capabilities that expedite the overall location process, through facility design and construction. In addition, Austin’s professionals are able to evaluate equipment layout and utilities; create and implement new, optimized processes; and educate personnel through workshops and analysis. Our team is experienced in logistics optimization and analysis, ensuring that facilities and material handling processes are located, designed and built for ultimate efficiency.

Austin Consulting is adept at developing and recommending the most efficient strategies for distribution expansion or consolidation by reviewing current network operations to determine the best strategies for network optimization.

Contact Frank Spano for information: frank.spano@theaustinconsulting.com or 440.544.2687.