Manufacturing & Processing

Manufacturing and processing facilities are at the heart of The Austin Company’s and Austin Consulting’s core business. From metal-working manufacturing plants to bakeries and consumer products facilities, Austin Consulting’s site location consultants are experienced in evaluating the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your facility needs.

While each facility is unique, we understand that certain trends and variables, such as workforce availability and training, utilities, supply chain networks and community readiness, among others, each distinctively impact the project. We work with you to minimize your risk and cost by identifying the best location strategy and to maximize your return on investment and long-term success.

Every aspect of our services for manufacturing and processing companies is strategically developed to reduce operating cost, enhance flexibility and deliver an economical, sustainable and environmentally-responsible solution. Austin has extensive experience providing services for greenfield sites as well as existing facilities, so you experience as little down time and lost production during facility relocation, expansion or construction, as possible.

Food & Consumer Products 

Austin Consulting has been recognized as an innovative leader in the Food & Consumer Products industry for over 60 years. Our innovative approach continues today as Austin provides location strategy, site selection, due diligence and incentive negotiation services for companies around the world. Our global experience includes production, processing and packaging plants, automated distribution and bulk storage warehouses, research laboratories and operations centers.

Not only does Austin have the stability and experience to provide proven location strategy and selection practices, but we are also flexible and innovative in our approach to provide the most appropriate and advanced solutions for each project. Large or small, across the country or the world, Austin partners with you to ensure your individual challenges and requirements are understood and catered to each step of the way.

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