We Negotiate Project-Tailored Incentives to Secure Cost-Effective Solutions

Austin negotiates incentive agreements that are project-tailored to maximize benefits and assure ease of execution.

Austin’s services include:

  • Incentive Agreements Negotiation: Austin negotiates final discretionary and as-of-right incentive packages with local (city, county, regional, utilities and special authorities) and state economic development officials. 
  • Applications, Approvals and Compliance: Austin assists you with the application and approval process, as well as the compliance process, which is where traditionally three-fourths of companies fail to receive all of the incentives awarded to them.
  • Infrastructure Grant Negotiation: These programs are available to help offset the startup costs to prepare the site or property for operation. Costs could include transportation upgrades, site development, utility capacity upgrades and line extensions.
  • Claw-Backs Impact Minimization: Austin conducts a thorough review of claw-backs to ensure there are no unreasonable repercussions should the company’s commitment not be fully met. Austin maintains continual involvement with the state and local authorities to ensure all parties follow through with their commitments.
  • Workforce Development Programs Review: Training assistance is available as an incentive for new businesses and industries from most states, when associated with new investment for facilities, equipment and job hires. Austin helps to identify and obtain these funds.
  • Program Audit and Compliance: Austin monitors the incentive programs to ensure that the full benefits of the negotiated incentives are realized. We also determine if opportunities for additional incentives exist for expansion or when new legislation is passed.

Austin also provides specialized Incentives Application and Approval services. We offer experienced resources to assist with the completion of applications for incentive programs, representation at required local meetings and other guidance to help ensure our clients achieve all incentives promised during negotiation.