Location Strategy Analysis

Our Proven Experience Helps You Evaluate the Best Strategic Alternatives

Austin’s consultants work with you to identify supply chain and distribution network designs that best satisfy your long-term strategic interests, including the optimal number, general location and responsibilities of production and distribution facilities.

Austin’s services include:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution Facility Location Strategy: Austin helps you determine the most strategic location for each manufacturing plant and distribution center for your network’s operations. Consideration is given to all critical variables, such as proximity to suppliers and customers based on current and projected growth estimates. 
  • Capacity Expansion: Involves compilation of input and consensus-building from various corporate levels to determine whether new technologies or processes can be adapted to new or current facilities.
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Austin helps you determine how well your supply chain network is serving your current customer base and what restructuring is needed to prepare for customer growth.
  • Facility Location: Choosing the right location for your new facility is critical. Austin’s specialized, in-house team guides the project for logistics, labor, community analysis, real estate and utilities.
  • Network Optimization: Austin works with you to identify cost-savings opportunities, such as changing delivery patterns, changing mode of delivery, or modifying distribution network. 
  • Company Acquisition: Austin provides in-depth research to assist you in identifying areas of growth and recommends viable strategies to explore market share and net worth.

Austin also provides specialized services for Supply Chain Network Analysis. This includes modeling the current logistics network and transportation costs and comparing those to alternative networks. Alternative networks may include the addition of a new plant or plants, a relocated or consolidated plant, or other variables you wish to test to determine cost-saving measures.

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