Our Experience

Austin Consulting clients are represented in new technologically-advanced markets, as well as in traditional industrial sectors. Our client’s projects, then, are regional in scope as well as global in their enterprise. Austin Consulting projects include manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, metal-working, assembly component operations, office facilities, R&D, laboratories, distribution and fulfillment centers, among others.

Our client list, comprised of more than 1,600 consulting assignments, includes companies based in North America, Europe and Asia. Austin Consulting specializes in providing services for projects that require a unique blend of confidentiality, unbiased information and cost-effective solutions. Our clients come to us for our experience in their industry and facility type and for our proven ability to deliver high-quality results.  

Our operationally-focused team first understands your organization, challenges, strategy and vision before we evaluate the necessary factors to support it. Backed by the experience of Austin’s in-house designers, engineers and construction professionals, and with the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing variables, Austin can accommodate fluctuating project requirements, budgets and agendas. Austin will work with your company in a resourceful, collaborative way to achieve your project goals.

Our experience covers a myriad of facility types and industries, including: