Our Services

Austin Consulting clients represent public and private sector organizations, in growth areas as well as mature industrial sectors, throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Austin clients are likewise regional in their scope and global in their enterprise. Austin Consulting projects include manufacturing plants, office facilities, research and development laboratories, distribution and fulfillment centers, among others.

Austin Consulting’s experienced professionals help you develop and implement location strategies, identify and prioritize location factors, save time and money, and realize long-term success by choosing the best location strategy. We provide services for:

  • Location Strategy – We identify supply chain and distribution network designs that best satisfy long-term strategic objectives.
  • Site Selection – We define project requirements, screen and evaluate communities and properties, identify those that best meet requirements, and establish next steps for final selection.
  • Due Diligence – We ensure that properties can meet the project’s schedule, budget and risk expectations, related to geo-technical services, boundary surveys, site plan development, storm water plan development, utility service commitments, and zoning and building code assessment. 
  • Incentives Negotiation – We negotiate project-tailored incentive agreements to maximize benefits and assure ease of execution.
  • Economic Development Consulting/Public Sector – We perform area report card studies, corporate location assessments, incentive program assessment studies, business climate analysis, and shovel-ready site designation programs.