Shovel-Ready Site Certification Program

Austin Consulting's Shovel-Ready Site Designation Program focuses on a dedicated site certification process specific for the food and beverage and general manufacturing industries. For food processing, our central mission is to differentiate communities that are optimal for food and beverage companies, thereby abbreviating the vetting process and reducing companies’ perceived risk for choosing one location over another. A similar mission is in place for the general manufacturing certification process.

The "Shovel-Ready" designation verifies that your site meets or exceeds the requirements for food processing or general manufacturing, which differentiates it from others competing for the same companies. This can significantly decrease the amount of time that site selectors or companies must spend on the detailed site investigation phase of a location study, and reduce the perceived risk in choosing your community over another.

A list of communities and sites that have successfully completed Austin Consulting's “Shovel-Ready” Site Certification program are below. Click on each link for additional information on that site.

Additional sites are currently undergoing the process and will be posted once the program has been successfully completed.

Contact Frank Spano for information: or 440.544.2687.