Japanese Automotive Component Stamping Facility

An international automotive component supplier desired to enter the U.S. market to serve the Midwest automotive market. The ideal location would be approximately 100 miles from Indianapolis and be located within good access to major automotive-related assembly operations, especially in Indiana and Ohio. Access to existing and future automotive plants, competitive labor skill levels and costs, and electric power availability and reliability at a reasonable cost were all important variables to be considered in the location decision. The client was also very interested in locating within an area with a positive history of good labor relations in providing the opportunity for management to work without third- party involvement.

Major Location Factors

  • Proximity to raw materials suppliers and customer destinations
  • Labor availability at a reasonable costs
  • Positive area labor relations, history of low unionization levels
  • Technical schools / colleges for employee training
  • Quality industrial sites with good access to area interstates
  • State and local incentive programs including a reduction in land costs and aggressive state training programs targeting the automotive industry

Austin Services Provided

  • Community and Property Screening
  • Detailed Labor Analysis
  • Detailed Utility Investigation
  • Community and Property Selection
  • Incentives Negotiation


Project Investment: $30+ Million
Labor Requirements175 employees (plus expansion)
Site Size: 30 usable acres
Building Size: 100,000- 200,000 SF


Original Search Area: Midwest US (Indiana, Ohio)
Final Location: Shelbyville, IN