Due Diligence

Our Operational Focus Helps You Identify Risk and Avoid Costly Errors

Austin offers due diligence services to ensure properties can meet a project’s schedule, budget and risk expectations. We manage due diligence activities, such as geo-technical services, boundary surveys, site plan development, storm water development plans, utility service commitments and zoning and building code assessment. Austin’s multi-discipline investigation is unique to each site. Our process establishes cost and risk dimensions associated with the project.

Austin’s services include:

  • Environmental Assessment: Austin evaluates existing reports, obtains proposals from qualified environmental consulting firms, and audits to assess the presence of wetlands, flood plains, hazardous wastes, underground storage tanks and contaminated soils. Austin will proceed to Phase 2 evaluation, if warranted. 
  • Geo-Technical Analysis: Austin evaluates existing reports and, if required, locates areas within the property to define soil characteristics and determine whether conditions are compatible with the proposed structure and facility. We obtain proposals from qualified soil-testing firms and review with management for contract award.
  • Risk Management: Austin develops a due diligence checklist for the finalist sites to establish which activities need to be conducted to get the property prepared on time and meet the initial startup deadline.
  • Zoning, Building Code Review: Austin outlines the applicable zoning issues, building code requirements, jurisdiction agency regulating permits, inspections and review schedule for approval process.
  • Fees and Surcharges Evaluation: Austin verifies all applicable permit fees, surcharges, impact fees, connection costs, utility usage rates and other charges that may apply to utility services at the community level.
  • Permitting Schedule Review: Austin develops the approval process and schedule for obtaining permits.